Noelle Tochi & Nolan

April 27, 2019Pontiac, MI

Our Story
How We Met

Noelle Tochi and Nolan first met in French class. Love was not in the air (yet). The course went well, the smallest of small talk was made (ha). Summer came...went...and they met again in Theater that fall. After being paired as partners for a scene assignment, their chemistry sparked. Nolan invited Noelle Tochi on a date & they decided to see the Alice and Wonderland play being put on by their high school. After the show, he asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend and that's how it all began...

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Nolan and Noelle Tochi love three main things (besides family and friends, of course): each other, food and fun experiences!

You may have noticed food was in the line-up and that was definitely intentional. Every meal shared between these two is special because what's better than eating a great dish with the one you love? Not to mention, only your partner will let you mooch off their plate almost every time ;)

Noelle Tochi and Nolan also love a bit of adventure whether in the kitchen or out in the world. They've made various complicated baked goods together from crepes to cinnamon rolls to whoopie pies (sweet tooth game is strong, haha). They've also made it a point to always try going to a new restaurant on each anniversary and birthday dinner. Travel-wise, they've been to Cedar Point + Kings Island amusement parks. They've traveled to Chicago, IL, North Myrtle Beach, SC, Traverse City, MI, Boston, MA, Maryland, and Minnesota (where his parents are from) together. They've gone to the MN State Fair once, and the Calhoun County (MI) Fair numerous times. They hope to go much farther and trot the globe together.

Journey to 1000 Books

Fun fact: Noelle Tochi and Nolan are major bookworms.

Noelle Tochi's father is a librarian so she spent much of her childhood in libraries - especially the Detroit Public Library. Nolan was an early reader and has a penchant for epic fantasy series.

Noelle Tochi came up with the idea to try to read 1000 Books in her lifetime. When she shared this with Nolan, he quickly decided to join the Journey.

There are only a few guidelines they follow:
1. Books must be over 100 pages.
2. Books must be chapter books with two notable exceptions: books of prose/poetry & novellas (which sometimes, not always have distinct chapters).
3. Books must be read for leisure and not by assignment (this is supposed to be for fun after all!)

They keep their own Book Logs in Excel (Nolan's handiwork), and have listed all the qualifying books they've read which they can remember from before they started the challenge.

Noelle Tochi and Nolan would love to see you begin your own Journey because reading is a joy/privilege many people take for granted.

Literacy is a gift, libraries are essential, and books are like free vacations so why miss out?

Ceremony & Reception

Saturday, April 27, 2019
3:00 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal
Academy of the Sacred Heart
1250 Kensington Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA
The Treasury (formerly known as 'Celebrate 30 North')
30 North Saginaw Street, Pontiac, MI
Wedding Party

Alexis - Maid of Honor

Noelle Tochi's best sister-friend since their literal first day of undergrad at the University of Michigan! Alexis is an adventurer through and through, who loves to laugh, and has recently spent 9 months sharing her love of knowledge + language by teaching English to Spanish children in Madrid, ES! Noelle Tochi and Alexis have been involved in many shenanigans together!

Kelechi - Bridesmaid

Kelechi (pronounced kay-lay-chee) is Noelle Tochi's cousin/sister-at-heart. These two have been thick as thieves since childhood in part because they were born only 9 months apart! Kelechi is a fitness junkie with big goals to achieve. She's already become a certified personal trainer and trademarked a brand name!

Lindsey - Bridesmaid

Lindsey and Noelle Tochi have known each other since 8th grade. Lindsey is Noelle's sweetest, silliest, and most sensitive best friend. She always has the kindest things to say, and her faith in people + Jesus are an inspiration. Noelle Tochi is godmother to Lindsey's eldest daughter Leila.

Sabian - Bridesmaid

Sabian and Noelle became best friends through an activism club/organization in undergrad. A shared love of cats and snacks sealed their friendship! Sabian is an aspiring surgeon with a hilarious amount of sass! She also loves to run, and Noelle Tochi was delighted to cheer Sabian on in her first marathon Spring 2017.

Kikel - Bridesmaid

Kikel (pronounced Key-kel) is Noelle Tochi's "little sister"/cousin. They've known each other since they were too young to remember. She is a senior at the University of Michigan where she majors in Movement Science. She wants to become a Sports Medicine physician. Noelle Tochi and Kikel enjoyed two years together at Umich + regularly met for "check-ins" to spill/drink tea and share a laugh.

Onyekachi (Onyeka) - Bridesmaid

Onyeka (pronounced Ohn-yay-kah) is one of Noelle Tochi's many cousins. Onyeka is an aspiring Pharmacist who is about to enter her senior year of high school. Onyeka is quite the comedienne! An awesome athlete, Noelle Tochi admires Onyeka's track + field skills!

Pakrit (Kathryn) - Bridesmaid

Pakrit (pronounced Pah-kreet) is one of Noelle Tochi's many cousins. Pakrit is an aspiring model/actress & recent high school grad. Pakrit loves music, fashion, and doing her makeup (she's really good at it!). Pakrit and Noelle Tochi share a love for tea and Nigerian bread.

Benjamin (Ben) - Best Man

Ben is Nolan's best friend from college at Michigan State University. They met when Nolan wandered into Ben's room one day to play Super Smash Bros. They were roommates from sophomore year onward. Ben is a Boston suburb native. He and Nolan share a love of skiing/snoboarding, beer, and video games.

Nathan - Groomsman

Nathan is Nolan's only and older brother. A true outdoorsman, he loves hunting, fishing, and everything active. He is a certified personal trainer currently working as a training director at a private gym. He's great with kids and used to coach middle school lacrosse.

Brandon - Groomsman

Brandon is Nolan's best friend from high school. Both were in marching band, football, and track & field and have stayed close. They share a love of cooking/eating and always try to meet up for a few drinks when they're in town.

Josh - Groomsman

Josh is Nolan's cousin. Josh will be finishing Law School at the University of Minnesota in Spring 2019! He and Nolan have had fun together over the years usually up at the family cabin in Orr, MN.

Gabe (Gabriel) - Groomsman

Gabe and Nolan met during their 2nd year at MSU. They share a love of craft brews, Game of Thrones, and watching football. Gabe is a commissioning engineer in the automobile industry and is a car enthusiast!

Evan - Groomsman

Evan and Nolan were roommates during their junior and senior years of college. Most of their time together at MSU was probably spent talking about football, video games, or movies. Evan will be going in to Parks and Recreation and aims to be a Ron Swanson type figure.

Seth - Groomsman

Seth is Noelle Tochi's younger brother. Despite a 7-year gap between them, they are great friends. They share the same smile, sense of humor, stubborn tendency, and are definitely "cat-people." Noelle Tochi and Seth both love to have fun, but Seth is for sure the "wild" child.